Charity Towel Drying

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Charity Towel Drying Day is a great opportunity for Aqua Express Car Wash to team up with your charity or organization in an effort to raise funds for your cause.

What is Charity Towel Drying Day?
Charity Towel Drying Day is when your charity or organization picks a day, sets up in the parking lot of your local Aqua Express Car Wash, and towel dries off cars exiting our tunnels for donations.

What does Aqua Express provide on a Charity Towel Drying Day?
Aqua Express provides slides on the daily presentation of our Light Up Info Sign leading up to the date of the event, along with signage around the lot. The day of the event we change the signs to show that the event is happening now!

Aqua Express also provides a section of our parking lot, near the tunnel exit, which will be blocked of for your exclusive use.

Aqua Express will also provide Garbage Cans or Barrels for you to set your towels on to dry in between cars.

The biggest thing that Aqua Express Provides is a constant flow of cars, exiting our tunnel, right into your area.

What does your Charity or Organization provide for a Charity Towel Day?
Aqua Express only asks for a few things from your Charity or Organization. We ask that you provide all of your own, clean, towels (the more the better, the less you have to wait for them to dry off the more cars you can dry.  Aqua Express would recommend at least 10 though)

Aqua Express also asks that you post about the event on any Social Media your group uses, as well as using word of mouth to let friends and family know, and posting it in any group newsletters.

Aqua Express also asks that you make a handful of bright colorful signs with your stated purpose on them.  Although we do provide some signage across the parking lot the bright signs help to grab the customer€™s attention when they are pulling into the lot and while they are driving by on the road

The last thing we ask you to provide is a container for all the donations you will be making during the event!

We look forward to your very own Charity Towel Drying Day in the future, and for all the good the donations can do for your Charity!

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